NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management – Building & Civil Engineering – Includes CSCS Managers Black Card


NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management – Building & Civil Engineering – Includes CSCS Managers Black Card


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Course Programme
This programme is appropriate for delegates who work in the Construction and Built Environment across a range of roles. Learners are required to demonstrate competence and knowledge in their workplace (normally construction site).
This qualification allows learners to able to receive a nationally recognised qualification which is assessed against National Occupational Standards.
This programme is suitable for all construction site supervisors and managers.

Completion of Units:
Learners must complete all the 19 mandatory units.

Mandatory units

This qualification is for Construction Site Managers within Building & Civil Engineering

01 (M/503/2915) Developing and Maintaining Good Occupational Working Relationships in the Workplace
02 (Y/505/7680) Allocating Work and Checking People’s Performance in the Workplace
03 (J/600/7318) Establishing, Implementing and Maintaining Systems for Managing Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
04 (M/600/7328) Evaluating and Selecting Work Methods to Meet Project or Operational Requirements in the Workplace
05 (J/600/7335) Monitoring Construction Related Project Activities in the Workplace
06 (F/600/7351) Controlling Project Progress against Agreed Quality Standards in the Workplace
07 (D/600/7356) Controlling Project Progress against Agreed Programmes in the Workplace
08 (M/600/7359) Managing Personal Development in a Construction-related Workplace
09 (A/504/8552) Identifying and Enabling Learning Opportunities for Given Work Teams in the Workplace
10 (K/600/7554) Contributing to the Identification of Work Teams in the Workplace
11 (R/600/7323) Establishing, Controlling and Monitoring Environmental Factors and Sustainability in the Workplace
12 (M/600/7331) Planning the Preparation of the Site for the Project or Operation in the Workplace
13 (Y/600/7338) Ensuring that Work Activities and Resources Meet Project Work Requirements in the Workplace
14 (Y/600/7341) Identifying, Allocating and Planning the Deployment and Use of Plant, Equipment or Machinery in the Workplace
15 (H/600/7343) Organising, Controlling and Monitoring Supplies of Materials in the Workplace
16 (J/600/7349) Establishing and Monitoring Communication Systems and Organisational Procedures in the Workplace
17 (R/600/7354) Establishing Project Dimensional Control Criteria in the Workplace
18 (H/600/7357) Controlling Project Quantities and Costs in the Workplace
19 (K/600/7358) Evaluating Feedback Information and Recommending Improvements in the Workplace


Benefits of the programme:
• Lifetime Qualification confirming your competence as a Construction Site Manager
• Includes CSCS Managers Black Card at no additional cost
• Grants are available to CITB Levy registered companies
• No time off work required and no classroom time required
• Complete programme between 3-6 months
• Only 50% payable upon enrolment and remainder upon completion of programme

Entry Requirements
A good understanding of reading, spoken and written English. Please note that this programme is only conducted in English and therefore it is paramount that students are able to communicate in English.
Learners must be a minimum age of 16.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns on 020-7993-5030.

Assessment & Training
Students are required to build a portfolio of evidence which is assessed for competence, experience and knowledge. A portfolio of evidence is gathered demonstrating of competence and training and is gathered in the following ways:
• an online platform is created for each learner to access and load performance and knowledge criteria onto your portfolio.
• a programme of development where evidence comes from assessment opportunities built into a learning/training programme whether at or away from the workplace
• Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) this is where a learner can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment criteria within a unit through prior experience or through knowledge, understanding or skills they already possess without needing to undertake a course of learning.
• A combination of the above

Students are awarded the Edexcel Pearson NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management Qualification.
In addition, students are awarded with their CSCS Managers Black Card which is included without additional fee.
This is a lifetime qualification and therefore does not require renewal.

The assessor assigned for your course delivery is accredited by the Edexcel Pearson as an approved assessor for this course programme.
We work with only those trainers who have significantly delivered to a high standard over a number of years and receive exceptionally positive feedback.

Grants Available
For those companies who are registered with the CITB for Grant and Levy purposes, you will be able to claim (subject to CITB approval) a grant on completion of the programme.
You may contact the citb Grants team to assist you for this.